the shady attempts of a southpaw to knit. or in other words, how to reverse decreases and knit right handed continental.


she gets crazier every day

well - i've not yet finished my jaywalkers, but i did finish 3 - count em! THREE odessa hats this week. i'm also knitting spencer a new pair of socks, to replace the pair he felted a few weeks ago. this time, i'm the only person allowed to wash them. they're using the techguy pattern from magknits, where the odessa is located as well. it's been a productive week, and while i still have a long way to go in the next couple of days, i think we'll be ready for the roomate by friday. i have a friend who is about to leave to travel the world in january, and she'll be staying with us until then. hopefully it will be a peaceful situation for all parties involved.