the shady attempts of a southpaw to knit. or in other words, how to reverse decreases and knit right handed continental.


a long time

it's been about 5 months. i can't believe all the anxiety that was in my heart and all the questions i had. i'm at peace, and all is well. i've been such a slacker in taking care of my soul and doing the things i adore. i did take that position at work. and then quit. i certainly wish i had never taken it in the first place. but no regrets. i'm finally knitting again. i'm working on christmas presents, since i haven't picked up the needles in seriously 5 months. i finished a hat and scarf set yesterday. i'm working on jaywalker sock number 1 and also crocheting a hat to give. the set of jaywalkers i will give to a friend who is leaving to travel the world in a few months. i will probably knit a second pair for a friend going on the same trip. sure, they'll get a little beat up over the course of 11 months, but it's the thought that counts. how things have changed. Zoe is kicking like a mad woman and oh yes. i'm 5 1/2 months pregnant. when all the world seemed a storm, the Lord gave us a little girl. just 4 1/2 months to go, and we'll see her sweet face.