the shady attempts of a southpaw to knit. or in other words, how to reverse decreases and knit right handed continental.


lazy blogger alert

so i'm 75% finished with sock number one, and only 6 days to go. i think this will be a lost cause, as i'm working 3 jobs right now. i hope to finish these socks in feb. but i definitely will not be done before the torch is out. c'est la vie. i am very excited about finishing clappy, and working on my first sweater as soon as these bad boys are cast off. i will also have to undo the cast on edge, and use a different bind off on the first sock, as they are so tight i can't pull them up all the way. the regia stretch yarn worked wonderfully, and i am fairly pleased with the medium gray color, as it really highlights the leaves. on another front, i'm in love with the new spring interweave knits, and i need to decide what i'm going to knit first. this winter edition blew chunks, with a few exceptions... i have a pounding migraine right now, and 5 cups of coffee only stemmed the tide... i think another starbucks run is in order. 3 more shots of espresso should do me just fine.... good old refusing medication!


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