the shady attempts of a southpaw to knit. or in other words, how to reverse decreases and knit right handed continental.


curiouser and curiouser

so tonight i got called into work. apparently, one of the shifts decided not to show up, and i was the only one available to close the store. when i get there, i find out that our asm is leaving in 2 weeks, and the girl we all thought would replace her got fired today. this is the same single mother of 2girls that i wrote about a few weeks ago... she got fired for continuously being late. she's been on some sort of probationary period and today showed up 2 hours late for her shift, with the regional manager and the district manager in the store at the time. this is all very tragic and sickening and yet expected all at the same time. so i don't know what's going on at the *$'s. i will write in more detail about other things i know, but i am not sure who reads this, and i don't want to say too much.
so on other fronts, my clappy is coming along nicely. i don't really have the patience to wait to drop stitches, so i've been dropping them all along. not nearly as gratifying, but still fun to see how it turns out. knitting with such small needles and sock yarn is killing me. i am much more of a super bulky instant results kind of knitter ( and spinner). so how is everyone coming on their olympics training? i have to learn the 2 circ method, but i will by golly. and i may even attempt both socks at once. we'll see. i'll probably crash and burn... some good old fashioned pessimism, huh? my wrists are killing me from the typing, and that's not good.... gotta run


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