the shady attempts of a southpaw to knit. or in other words, how to reverse decreases and knit right handed continental.


4:40 - two hours 20 minutes into the longest 16 days of my life

wellllll..... i started the socks. "the socks" i have cast on and knit the first two rows of the first sock, and i plan on casting on the other sock on the other circular. the pattern calls for two rows not knitted in the round, so i figured i should knit them on separate needles and then divide between the two. we'll see if i'm right. the yarn, regia stretch, is not the best i've used, so we'll see if i'm screaming curse words and pulling my hair out by the heel flap. other than that, i'm proud i'm trying it. i almost chickened out last night, when i was trying to figure out the 2 circular method. i think i've got it, at least in an academic sense.
today was supposed to be my cleaning day, and instead of cleaning, i was grouchy with spence for not leaving me the honda key. so, not only am i at home, i'm stuck at home, not cleaning. heh. guess that's why i'm blogging, surfing the internet, and generally being useless. and i felt really cute today, and wanted to show off my combat boots.... i think i'm supposed to learn humility or something, and that's why i'm here, getting my attitude adjusted. back to the socks... pics tonight when i get them divided up.


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