the shady attempts of a southpaw to knit. or in other words, how to reverse decreases and knit right handed continental.


things are only as bad as they seem... then they get worse

it's interesting to me, that as much as i bitch about our store, and how nothing ever gets done right, how she who shall not be named is a useless feck, and how i would love to quit... i seem to have forgotten the larger scheme of things. i spent some time today with one of our partners. a single mom whose husband just left her for an ex-strippper in texas, raising two girls on her own while trying to work as much as possible, who has recently had a child molestation investigation started concerning her two girls and someone who had been babysitting them, all the while, trying to keep it together like nothing's wrong. i might just be daft, but i think that my petty issues with trying to pay off my student loans, and whining about why she never makes the coffee really don't stack up. on the other hand, i'm not living her life and God only knows how i would be responding, or how she would respond to my life. i think the disturbing part to me is how often i really need a reality check concerning how easy i have it. i have a husband who loves me and makes most of our income, i live in a beautiful home and i work at a freaking coffee shop for God's sakes. i could be here. or here. or here.

explain to me why it matters in the entire whole scope of the world whether or not she makes the fresh coffee, and why it matters that your cappuccino was too wet?


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