the shady attempts of a southpaw to knit. or in other words, how to reverse decreases and knit right handed continental.


a freakin week??

so this week has been kinda weird. i was off mon-wed and thoroughly enjoyed my days off. on wednesday, one of the ladies at my lys gave me nearly an entire fleece to spin with. it's a corss between merino and shetland and boy is it great. so i spent my free time spinning. however, i really didnt have a lot of free time, given that i worked 34 hours in three days between starbucks and hosting at longhorn. oh well. all i can show for the week is 3 skeins of yarn, and some serious undereye bags. tomorrow, being the last day of the month, i will seriously attack the clap and try to at least get some headway on it before january ends.


i've come down with the clap

before i begin the knitting olympics, keeping in stride with the christmas knitalong 06 on craftster, i am knitting Clapotis. i am attempting it with two skeins of lornas laces sock yarn and i have yet to decide the needle size. probably a US3 or 4. so, i suppose i'm training. just trying to keep my fingers nimble. as much as i want to knit the amazing jaywalker, i need to keep my priorities straight. besides, i think the trekking xxl yarn can wait. along with the baby alpaca for dh's "tweedy old man scarf" he picked out the yarn himself, but i am still trying to find the right stitch pattern. oh! and i finished, washed and blocked my liesel. pics to follow when i get home.

and by the way - that's the fresh stripe colorway in the lorna's laces i plan on knitting my clappy in. forgot to mention it.


olympics hmmm???

i'm totally in. i'm knitting the embossed leaves socks from interweave 2005. lace, small needles and double points... second sock curse be darned! i already have three skeins of Regia Stretch in a pretty medium grey. this will keep me on track for the christmas knit-a-long 06 that i'm participating in on Craftster.

this feels so much more productive than all the things i did want to say tonight. amazing how two sticks and some string can really pick you up. on an unrelated note, i got sunburned during our outside store meeting today. personally, i think it's a bit ridiculous.


things are only as bad as they seem... then they get worse

it's interesting to me, that as much as i bitch about our store, and how nothing ever gets done right, how she who shall not be named is a useless feck, and how i would love to quit... i seem to have forgotten the larger scheme of things. i spent some time today with one of our partners. a single mom whose husband just left her for an ex-strippper in texas, raising two girls on her own while trying to work as much as possible, who has recently had a child molestation investigation started concerning her two girls and someone who had been babysitting them, all the while, trying to keep it together like nothing's wrong. i might just be daft, but i think that my petty issues with trying to pay off my student loans, and whining about why she never makes the coffee really don't stack up. on the other hand, i'm not living her life and God only knows how i would be responding, or how she would respond to my life. i think the disturbing part to me is how often i really need a reality check concerning how easy i have it. i have a husband who loves me and makes most of our income, i live in a beautiful home and i work at a freaking coffee shop for God's sakes. i could be here. or here. or here.

explain to me why it matters in the entire whole scope of the world whether or not she makes the fresh coffee, and why it matters that your cappuccino was too wet?


goodmorning sunshine

the beginning of a new year feels like the end of an era

i'm not sure i like this whole "new year" thing. i know i don't have a choice, so here i am. i've been addicted to the internet for months now, so i guess that qualifies me to get a blog. and i'm obsessively knitting lately, so what better way to combine my addictions? so, i guess this is where i talk about my life and what i'm knitting, and why i hate people who get "quad venti sugar free vanilla non-fat extra hot light foam with cinnamon powder lattes" oh, and my awesome husband. can't forget him.